Friday, January 09, 2004

Title: Garage Girls
Directed by: Robert McCallum
Starring: Georgina Spelvin, John Leslie and Lisa DeLeeuw
Produced by: Cal Vista Video
Average retail: $15
Rating: 4 out of 5 spurts

Although there are plenty of feable attempts at both humor and acting, there's still plenty of plus sides to make Garage Girls a rather enjoyable skin flick. The film begins with a group of youn women seeking to open up their own car service garage after obtaining automotive repair certificates. From the very start, the girls are met with heated adversity from an anonymous saboteur who won't rest until the girls are out of business. As if that weren't a big enough of a problem, the girls also seem to have a problem keeping their clothes on. In one memorable scene, some of the girls go to a pool hall thinking it's the right address while they're out on a call for a broken axle. What they got instead was some hardcore shagging on not only a pool table, but also on a carpeted flight of stairs. Nice touch!
But just when it seems the film might be another excuse to exploit human sexuality, there's an element of romance. Romance? In a xxx film? You bet!

It seems John Leslie is good at playing cops, since he's a beat cop in this one, and was a detective in Bob Chinn's Love Slaves. While working with the girls on the mysterious prankster, he and the head mechanic (played by DeLeeuw) end up falling for eachother in a big way as demonstrated by their ultra-soaked shower scene. But just when it seems he might bolt, he sticks around even after the case is solved, proving that even in some of the most hardcore, cheesy skin flicks, there's often a silver lining.

Titles: The Devil In Miss Jones
Directed by: Gerard Damiano
Starring: Harry Reems, Georgina Spelvin, Marc Stevens and Clair Lumiere
Produced by: VCX
Average retail: $24.95
Rating: 3 out of 5 spurts

It's a wonder why this film has been given the amount of praise that it has. Sure, it's got Harry Reems, but so does Deep Throat, a far better film. The main problem is the fact that while VCX saw it fit to tranfer the film to DVD, they didn't see it fit to actually clean it up while they were at it. The end product is a grainy feature, which only adds to an already overly darkly-shot film. Apparently they couldn't afford lighting. That must be the only reason, considering this was a major shoot for the time and they wrangled in Reems' sexual expertise.

This film is rather lackluster, aside from the obviously painful and semi-forced anal sex by Reems on poor little Miss Jones (Spelvin). She may have pleaded with him at first, but after awhile she liked it. I thought maybe this would be the same situation with the movie. Sure it was mediocre now, but surely it would get better since this is supposed to be such a great film. Not really. Although there are some other hot scenes, there's nothing a real remark that makes the movie stand out from among the other classic porn flicks of the generation. If you never see this film, don't feel bad.

Title: Street of a Thousand Pleasures / Wayout Topless
Directed by: William Rotsler (Clay McCord) / Lewis S. Francis
Produced by: Merril Dakota (presented by Harry Novak) / Harry A. Wilson
Starring: John Tull and Uschi Digart / Jenny Long, Pussy Kate, Carol Lewis and Linda Knight
Distributed by: Something Weird Video
Date: 1972(color) / 1967 (b&w)
Average retail: $24.95
Rating: 3 out of 5 spurts

While on a business trip (and vacation away from a bitchy wife), John Dalton (Tull) is rewarded by a sheif whom he'd saved from an assassin by taking him to a middle eastern sex slave market. Apparently they exist. As you may have guess from the title, this film is more or less a breast flesh fest, featuring at one point the voluptuous Uschi Digart. But just when he thought his troubles were over, the assassins are now after him, and Dalton must do what he can to make his way through the maze of massive mams that make up the Street of a Thousand Pleasures.

I'm sure Wayout Topless must've been rather tittilating for its time, but footage of New York and Baltimore high-class strippers taking it off just to reveal their sequined pasties just doesn't cut it. However, some of the extra short films yield some interesting finds in the forms of Insant Orgy (where an office full of feminists becomes overcome after drinking punch spiked with a potion that makes them take off their clothes and dance around sensuously) and breast orgy, where a young man is continuously bombarded by horny big-titted gals who love to bust 'em out and have him nibble on their nips. Overall, not a bad DVD, with good direction where the feature film is concerned and plenty of interesting special features to make it worth checking out.

Title: Tobacco Roody / Southern Comforts
Directed by: Bethel Buckalew
Produced by: Harry Novak for Valiant International
Starring: Dixie Donovan, Johnny Rocco and Debbie Osborne / Jack Richesin, Judy Angel, Wendy Winters and Monica Gayle
Date: 1971(color)
Average retial: $24.95
Distributed by: Something Weird Video
Rating: 1.5 out of 5 spurts

This film isn't exactly xxx, but definitely delves into the realm of softcore, often referred to during this time period as "sexploitation." The feature film, Tobacco Roody, is the story of an aunt and uncle raising their two daughters and an orphaned niece on a backroads farm (supposedly in the south but really in california). In overly predictable fashion, the uncle lusts for his niece, and the two sisters enjoy exploring eachother down for the stream. Even the wife manages to keep herself busy with the sheriff and the tax collector. Keep in mind the camera shots never show any actual penetration, but there's still plenty of grinding to go around. Seeing what actresses Buckalew and Novak got to fill the parts makes me wonder how it is that Rocco was able to keep his pink piggy from view and flaccid for that matter. Truly the mark of a professional!

Southern Comforts takes a group of girls and their quasi-pimp Danny to a run-down plantation where Danny gets the great idea to have a beauty contest. That's the whole plot of the film. Other than two girls from the group chasing down the plantation owner's semi-retarded son the movie sticks closely to the tast of rounding up enough country and small-town gals to fill a ramshackle nudie cutie fest.

The film quality and directing are exceptional, as is per usual with Buckalew's work. I wish I could say the same about the acting and at this point, adult cinema (even sexploitation) began the dark road into creating pointless scenes just for the sake of nudity and sex. What does make this DVD a little more attractive to the collector is the insane amount of old sexploitation trailers included in the special features section.


Title: Voices of Desire
Directed by: Chuck Vincent (a.k.a. Mark Ubell)
Starring: Liyda Cassell, Marlene Willoughby, Darby Lloyd Rains, Roger Caine
Date: 1970 (color)
Produced by: Something Weird Video
Average retail: $15
Rating: 2 out of 5 spurts

This movie tends to carry the burden of being "an odd film", and has deemed by classic erotica buffs as being one of the best (coherent?) works by director Chuck Vincent. One day, a young woman, Anna (Cassell) makes plans to spend an evening with a girlfriend and stops to make a call at a payphone. When she hears heavy breathing on the other end of the line, she just thinks it's the typical pervert and brushes it off. That is until she starts to hear voices, collectively calling out her name, sending Anna into a total panic. This only intensifies as time goes on, driving Anna to do strange things to herself involving fruit and even driving her to walk to an abandoned tenement to engage in sordid displays while being held captive by a demented pianist. Sound a little cooky? It is. Cassell has a nice little natural body, and the viewer is treated to seeing a plump Darby Lloyd Rains getting bouncy-bounced from behind by one of the evil pianist's henchmen.

The direction is good, as is the acting, although that in itself doesn't make up for the insane plot considering there isn't much dialogue to begin with. This is transferred from an original 35mm print and it shows. Many of the cells have the sometimes coveted, often hated series of vertical lines that skip across the screen. Even for $15, this film isn't worth the bother.

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